For order reached 3,000USD, please contact your sales representative for discount!
Exclusivity - product / series


LOVETOY sell a product or series to one specific client.
1. On one platform.
2. In one country.
3. To the whole world.


1. No competitor.
2. Pricing power.
3. Handsome profit.
4. Best discount.
5. Marketing support.
6. Share LOVETOY client resource.
All request from LOVETOY website will be forwarded to exclusive distributor.


Need to reach first order quantity and reorder within 3~12 months.
One product
One series
Reorder within
1 platform
300 PCS
200 PCS/style
3 months
no mark
1 country
500 PCS
400 PCS/style
12 months
mark on website
Whole world
1,000 PCS
800 PCS/style
6 months
remove from pricelist

    a. Amazon Japan and Amazon USA are different platform.
    b. Products with low unit price might have higher first order quantity requirement.

How it works

To become exclusive distributor of LOVETOY, clients need to answer below questions:
1. Exclusive distributor experience of any other brand.
2. Sales volume of best seller last year.
3. Targeting country / platform.
According to clients' answer, LOVETOY sales rep will info if clients are qualify for LOVETOY exclusive distributor.

Flowing steps

1. Clients info targeting product / series.
2. LOVETOY sales rep send quotation with unit price, MOQ, reorder schedule.
3. Clients
place order and arrange payment according to Proforma Invoice.
Exclusivity will be effective as soon as deposit arrived. Contract life = 1 Year (365 days).
For exclusive distributor in the whole world, LOVETOY will remove products or series from LOVETOY website, LOVETOY Order Form, LOVETOY catalog and other places.
For exclusive distributor in one country or one platform, LOVETOY will add exclusivity mark on product page. LOGO should be provided by clients. For example:

For more details about LOVETOY Exclusive Policy, please contact LOVETOY sales rep.

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