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Why choose LOVETOY

Most companies in sex toy industry are focusing on pure play. They are pure manufacturer, pure wholesaler, pure brand owner, pure retailer etc. LOVETOY is a combination of them.

Pure Manufacturer


1. Stock materials and moulds.
2. Understand production process.
3. Arrange mass production to lower unit price.


1. Do not stock finished products.
    a. Long delivery time - especially the first production.
    b. Can not send replacement if product have quality issue
2. Do not understand the market.
    a. Can not offer product advice.
    b. Do not use the products they produce.
    c. Difficult to understand wholesaler, distributor, retailer's needs.
3. Require high MOQ.
4. No quality guarantee.

Pure manufacturer can produce exact material and size clients ask for. However they pay no attention to products' practicality. Because they don't use it themselves and they are too far away from the end user.

LOVETOY Strengthen

With over 10 years production experience, LOVETOY will think about blow questions and set quality standard accordingly:
1. When will consumer use it?
2. Where will consumer use it?
3. How will consumer use it?
4. How frequently consumer use it?
With 500 SKU in stock, LOVETOY can offer multiple
customized service and we always take steady quality and efficient production into consideration.

Pure Wholesaler


1. Have multiple brands, big product range.
2. Have finished products in stock.
3. Low MOQ ( Minimum Order Quantity).


1. Different quality standard - Different brand, different standard.
2. Can not unify pictures, descriptions, videos - offered by brand.
3. Can not offer exclusive service - offerred by brand.
4. Can not offer uniform pricing - decided by brand.

Pure wholesaler collect products from manufactures and brand owners, do stocking to lower MOQ. However they have higher cost then manufactures and brand owners.

Pure Brand Owner


1. Provide pictures, descriptions, videos.
2. Have stocking.
3. Low MOQ (Normally require 1 carton, around 100 PCS).
4. Quality guarantee.
5. Can offer exlusive service and uniform pricing.

Disadvantage: Small product range.

LOVETOY Strengthen - Combination of wholesaler and brand owner.

1. 500 SKU in stock.
2. No MOQ.
3. First hand price.
4. Same quality standard with 1 year quality guarantee.
5. CE & RoHS certificate.
6. All products come with HI-RES pictures and full descriptions.
7. Uniform pricing.
8. Exclusive service.

Pure Online Retailer

Online retailer has speciality to build fans group by advertising on google Ad and social media.

However they have very limited knowledge about sex toy market.


1. Multiple language skills.
2. Great marketing skill.
3. Familiar with rules on different countries and platforms.
4. Close to real user.


1. Do not have product acknowlage.
2. Do not understand production process.
3. New to sex toy market.

LOVETOY Strengthen

LOVETOY's Amazon experience enhence our understanding of clients' need. Not only to wholesalers and distributors but also to sex toy users.

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