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How to import sex toys from China?
How To Import Sex Toys From China?

Do you want to import sex toys from China and then resell them in your country? If you have come to this article, it is probably because you already know that their import is particular.

As sensitive products, sex toys follow somewhat different rules from other products.

But don’t despair, buying wholesale sex toys from China can be simple as long as you take some precautions and find a good partner to cooperate with. We have prepared this guide just to explain you:
1. How to find reliable suppliers?
2. How to organize shipments?
3. Which documents to request?
4. How much is the import customs duties?

-How to find reliable suppliers?

The sex toy industry in China is the largest in the world, with 70% of the world's sex toys being manufactured there. Once you have decided that you want to buy products from China, you will need to look for a reliable supplier from which your merchandise is sourced.

The most immediate way is Google Search. Searching by some keywords like Chinese SEX TOY Factory, SEX TOY Wholesale from China, ADULT TOY OEM, Manufacturer from China, Customized, Supplier, etc.

A reliable supplier will have a company registered in China or Hong Kong: it will certainly have a website and a registered office easily available online.

Be wary of those who simply have accounts on AliExpress, Alibaba or other marketplaces, in fact, many companies of various kinds are registered on these sites, such as wholesalers, retailers and agents and distinguishing between one and the other can be very difficult.

A reliable supplier will have a responsible sales office capable of issuing professional quotes and giving information on certifications and product characteristics.

-How to organize shipments?

After placing an order with that reliable supplier, you need to negotiate the shipping method with them.

All reliable suppliers should have the capacity to deliver the goods from China to your country, they may have some cooperative forwarders to arrange it, the most common shipping methods are by air, by sea and by land, you choose the appropriate method after their quotation.

If you want to get it fast, I suggest by air;
If you want it more cost-effective, I suggest by sea.

If you are going to import in the long term, I suggest you to find a forwarder to arrange shipment for you. This forwarder will take the responsibility to ship the goods from China to your country and help doing the import customs clearance.

-Who is responsible for customs clearance and what documents are required?

Generally speaking, the importer should do import customs clearance by themselves. Just need to pay the import duty and provide relevant documents if needed.

Here are the basic documents you may need:
acking List:
issued by the supplier, it contains the data of the manufacturer, the importer and all the details referring to the load.
Commercial Invoice: issued by the supplier, where all the order data must be reported.
Bill of Lading: issued by the carrier, the evidence for you to collect goods from the port of destination.

Certificate of Origin: it is a document issued by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.(if necessary)

Some of suppliers also can offer import customs clearance service, ask them about it if you need, and then the shipping term would be DDP. For more terms, please refer to here.

-How much is the import customs duties?

Every commodity has a unique HS code at customs, and the customs duties is calculated based on this. Sex toys usually been declared as MASSAGER, which the HS code is 90191010, you can check the duty of it easily on your country's customs website.

Take UK as an example, the customs duties is almost 20% of the value of the shipment declared.

After finishing the import customs clearance, the whole import procedure have been completed, you only need to wait for the final delivery to your door.

In Conclusion

Import sex toys from China isnt complicated, just get started to have a try!
The important thing is to find a reliable and professional supplier,
LOVETOY is the one you can rely on! We have been exporting sex toys all over the world for over 14 years, we are experienced on helping clients import sex toys, looking forward to our cooperation!