For order reached 3,000USD, please contact your sales representative for discount!
Commercial Invoice

Besides of Proforma Invoice, clients can contact LOVETOY sales rep for Commercial Invoice(CI) when goods ready. Clients might need it for financial record or customs clearance.
Default format of Commercial Invoice (PDF) contains below info:
1. LOVETOY info
    Includes: company name, pick up address, zip code, telephone number.
2. Importer info
    Includes: company name, contact name, phone number, shipping address.
    If billing address is different from delivery address, please explain to LOVETOY sales rep.
3. Shipping info

Shipping info
Invoice Number
Date of Invoice
Price Term
Mode of Shipping
Terms of Payment
Country of Origin
Deliver on About
Packing info
Gross Weight, Cartons, Measurement

4. Goods info
    Includes: item code, product description, quantity, unit price, amount.
5. Financial info
    Includes: subtotal, grand total.
Besides of above info, LOVETOY sales rep can edit CI according to clients' need (free service).
1. Add product picture.
2. Add product name.
3. Add product material.
4. Change product description.
5. Change unit price.
    LOVETOY can declare lower unit price in CI according to clients' demand.
    In some countries, this action can lower tax. Take 20% tax rate for example:
Unit price
Original: 100 USD
100 USD * 20% = 20 USD
Declare: 50 USD
50 USD * 20% = 10 USD
  * Risk: If clients' customs think the unit price is unreal, there might be penalty.
  * Both risk and benefit are taken by clients.
6. List extra cost, discount, rebate.
7. Send CI in excel format.


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